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With your choice of Soy Garlic, Spicy, and sweet Served with a complimentary side of pickled radish or coleslaw.

About Us

Welcome to What Dak

What Dak takes pride in offering the finest fried chicken, distinguished by a uniquely satisfying crunch. Each piece undergoes a meticulous preparation process, starting with a thin flour coating, followed by double frying to achieve crunchy perfection. The final touch involves individual hand brushing with our signature sauces. This homemade sauce comes in two distinct flavors: Soy Garlic and Spicy, enhancing the overall flavor profile of the Korean Fried Chicken.


Our Korean Fried Chicken

Our signature Korean Fried Chicken begins with hand-battering each piece. This process ensures the ideal ratio of batter to chicken and DAK delicious crispy result.
Subsequently, each piece undergoes the double-frying process. Yes, you read it right—twice-fried. The first fry is to seal in all the succulent juices, and the second fry is the key to achieving that distinctive, irresistible crunch that keeps people coming back for more!
Lastly, our signature sauce takes center stage. We brush every crunchy exterior, ensuring that each bite is perfectly crispy and flavorful.


Customer Reviews

SO GOOD! Highly recommend! We ordered the Korean cheese balls (crispy, slightly sweet fried mochi textured cheese balls…..amazing), tteokbokki with chicken (flavor and texture was perfect!) and the soy garlic and spicy chicken strips. All had amazing texture and bold flavors. So excited for this addition to the neighborhood!
Jennie Tran